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Reflection on Torah Portion
Seeking the Good - Weekly Thoughts of Rabbi Mordecai Finley - WISDOM THERAPY 1: CREATING QUIET

I have begun to call my approach to counseling "wisdom therapy". I believe we are, in many ways, healed by wisdom. Wisdom has many definitions, but let me start with a simple one: a wise person knows how things are, what the human condition is, how peoples' minds and spirits operate.

Here is an example. Parents say, "I want my kids to respect me." Ex'es say, "I want my ex to realize that I am a good person." Spouses say, "I want my spouse to appreciate me."

Wanting is one thing. Talking someone into it is quite ano...

Reflections on Eighth Day Pesach - The Parting of the Sea of Reeds

I spoke at a recent assembly at our Religious School, on the topic of monotheism vs. polytheism. I shared that experiencing the Oneness of all despite the fragmented world, out there and within, can be a stunning, life changing moment. Knowing that the all is in the One, and that the One is God, is a mystical insight so profound that it cannot be explained or made sense of. "God is the All" is an invitation to an experience, not an explanation.

I resist this kind of thinking, "the Oneness of the All." I know some people, who...

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