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Thought of the week
Reflection on Torah Portion
Seeking the Good - Justice, Truth and Peace

How the world stands, or exists, is up for debate, at least in the very influential rabbinic work called "Pirkei Avot" - usually rendered as "The Wisdom of the Sages." We traditionally study this tractate from the Talmud from Passover through the High Holy Days.

"The world stands (omed ) on three things: The Teaching (Torah), Devotion (Avodah) and Acts of Loving kindness (G'milut Hasadim)" we are taught in chapter 1:2. Every "world" (every society, every culture, every subculture) has a "Tora...

Reflections on the Weekly Torah Portion- Balak - Curses

Unbeknownst to the Israelites, great hostility is brewing just over the next hill. The main focus of this week's portion, King Balak's hiring of the prophet Bila'am to curse the Israelites, takes place out of the sight of the encamped tribes of Israel. The Israelites sit oblivious to the fury, fear and drama that is taking place nearby, outside of their awareness.
The Israelites need to cross Moabite land to get to the plateau that overlooks Canaan, just across from where Jericho is today. The Moabites apparently think...

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