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Reflection on Torah Portion
SEEKING THE GOOD - We, Who Are On the Road - 2017-01-07

I knew very young that the Bible was not the word of God. Growing up in the home of Marxists who became Socialists who became Democrats but who remained secular atheists probably influenced that knowledge. Until one day, when historical forces conspired to land me in Hebrew school in September 1967. You might think that some kind of crisis ensued, secular Marxism hitting religious Judaism head on. Nothing of the sort. My parents had not joined the synagogue because they had discovered God. They joined because they had discovered the...

Thought on Shavu'ot, Shabbat Bamidbar 2017 - Literalists Don't Go to Heaven

Judaism is not founded on the Bible; it is founded on the understandings of the Bible shaped by interpreters of the Bible. You can say that Judaism, as understood and practiced today, was shaped by the Sages of the Talmudic period, who used the Bible as their raw material. You can even say that ancient sages taught the generations after them the skill of using the Bible as some kind of volatile plastic.

The same tradition that produced Maimonides, who tried to square the Bible with Aristotle, produced the Kabbalah, a disturbi...

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