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Seeking the Good - Weekly Thoughts of Rabbi Mordecai Finley

There is an old story, retold many times, of a prince who finds out that his uncle has murdered his father. It turns out that his mother, the queen, was part of the plot, and is married to the villainous uncle. The prince's father's ghost wants revenge.

Things get worse; the prince's two close friends are enlisted in a plot to murder him, the prince. He gets them killed. The prince, thinking he has found his vile uncle hiding behind a wall tapestry, stabs at the wall-hanging and kills his girlfriend's insufferably pontificati...

Thoughts on the Weekly Torah Portion - Terumah - House of Holy

I noticed that bricks were missing from the footpath at our old house in Van Nuys, so I went looking for them. I found them gathered together in a corner of the yard, festooned with flowers, yarn and other decorations. I didn't believe my sons were behind this, and little Avigayil was still an infant, so I found my way to my elder daughter Shuli, about 4 at the time. I asked her what's up, and she told me she had made a house for the fairies. "Like a bird-house" she clarified, "but for fairies."

I asked her about the fairies,...

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