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Omer Calendar 5777

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Thought of the week
Reflection on Torah Portion
SEEKING THE GOOD - We, Who Are On the Road

For the next several weeks, I want to devote my morning study sessions to reflections on the notable books and ideas that have brought me to where I am in my thinking. For our Torah study time, our Rabbinic Assistant Shy Blakeney will discuss the Torah portion, and then I want to offer a series of talks on Moral Theory - what are obligated to do, and why? Here are some thoughts that serve as a preface to my new morning study session

We, Who Are On the Road
-Rabbi Mordecai Finley

I knew very young tha...

Reflections on the Weekly Torah Portion - Tazria-Metzora - Fear and Hatred, and the Remedy

This week's Torah portion is about mob violence. You wouldn't think so from a first read. On the surface, most of the portion (Tazria-Metzora) is about a skin lesion called "tza'ra'at". In older Bibles, this skin disease was translated as "leprosy," but modern medicine has ruled that out. It might as well have been leprosy. What is described in the Torah is a frightening growth on the skin (and toward the end of the portion, on the walls of dwellings) that would have caused disgust and revulsion.

The natural reaction of a gr...

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