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Ohr HaTorah is "trans-denominational" in that our approach reflects and incorporates aspects of several denominations of Judaism.

Our mission is to encourage and to include those who choose Judaism as their faith, religion and spiritual path. We are especially supportive of those that hope of becoming a Jew by choice in the future.

Like those in the Reform and Reconstructionist movements, we believe that Judaism is evolutionary and developmental; we do not believe that Halakha - Jewish law is the direct will of God. Jews have the responsibility in each generation to add to this development and evolutionery growth.

We do not identify as Reform because of the more traditional nature of our services and our approach to the observance of the commandments. We part with the Reconstructionists on the issue of a personal God - our services, school and adult study are informed by the belief in the reality of God.

As in the Conservative movement, we aim to strike a careful balance between tradition and change. Our services include traditional modes in worship and much Hebrew; our worship service is, however, noticeably shorter than a Conservative service, and we feel a greater latitude in experimenting with certain aspects of the liturgy, unlike most Conservative congregants. Transliterations of many of the prayers are provided.

From the Orthodox, we learn unabashed love of God and Torah, as well as a serious devotion to study and Jewish observance. Our services are infused with a Chassidic feel; music and prayer are used to deepen our personal connection to the Holy.
"Ohr HaTorah is the first temple where I feel a part of a community. There is so much warmth and acceptance. I love the services, I attend on Saturdays. The Rabbi is so inspiring. He is the real deal. There is so much to learn and he helps me get enlightened every Saturday. Beyond the synagogue. Part of the synagogue is a cafe that invited the community back on Saturday nights and holidays to be part of the magic that is "The Hub on Venice" My kids enjoy going to Hebrew school. That is a new development. Before it was a chore, but now with the great teachers and intimate atmosphere, my kids are thriving. I can't be happier."

Yana Katzap - Nackman
"I have been here for the annual Holiday event two years in a row. The restaurant never disappoints and I always want to try everything on the menu. The people there are lovely and they always have something fun going on, including lots of good stuff at the Holiday Sale. The only thing I think that might be very hard for someone who wants to eat here regularly, is that the kitchen is only open two days. I was told that this would be changing soon, but for now you can only dine on Thursday and Saturday, unless there is an event. I highly recommend the Greek Salad and the Lentil Soup (this one is very warm and inviting, also veggie friendly). Both are excellent, and everyone is very accommodating, which is a plus."

Tonya L.
"We love Rabbi Finley. We started out by taking his Kabballah classes at the AJU. He married us and we are now members of his temple. Everyone is so welcoming and warm there. You definitely feel the spiritual purpose of his services unlike some of the other more commercialized synagogues and temples in Los Angeles."

Suji H.
"Rabbi Finley is a genius at making ancient wisdom teachings applicable to our modern fast- paced / technologically advanced society. Deep. Deep. deep."

Jeremy B.
"Love, Love, Love my synagogue family. My 2 year old can't wait to go every week and we've made true friends here. Rabbi Finley is a genius and life saver."

Julie G.
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