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Shabbat: Policies & Guidelines
Cell Phones
Young Children
Torah Study 11:30 AM
Morning Study 9:00 AM
Dressy Casual: We dress to honor the Sabbath (no blue jeans, flip flops, immodest dress, etc). Men and boys must wear kippot/yarmulkes while attending Ohr HaTorah.
Cell phones and pagers must be turned off in the sanctuary. Please, if you must place or receive a call, do so quietly and out of the service.
All parents with infants are kindly requested to leave the service when their child needs immediate attention. Please sit in the back rows to help minimize any disruption to the service.
Rabbi Finley's Morning Study Session begins at 9:00am sharp. The doors will close as the session begins. Please arrive early enough to be seated when study begins. Anyone leaving the session will not be readmitted until the study session is completed at 9:45am.

The morning study session is part of the adult education program at Ohr HaTorah. It is open to: OHT members, prospective members, and first-time visitors. If you are not a member of OHT (if you are a prospective member or first-time visitor), please sign in at the front desk.

The doors will remain open from 9:45 through the rest of the service.
Those entering the sanctuary during the Rabbi's Torah study (11:30am - 12:00pm) should find a seat in the back.
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